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This week I’ve been discovering a lot of awesome toys and other creative things for kids. Since Lex has gotten to the age now where he can actually mimic what we do and obey simple commands, playing with him is so much more fun. He get so tickled at silly things, and when he laughs, it warms my heart.

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Last night I fell victim to Wal-Mart’s clever product placement strategies. I went to get some crafting supplies and few extra groceries, but as soon as I walked in the door, I saw a little aisle with some really fun outdoor kid toys.

Usually I’m pretty good about passing on all those little unnecessary things, but I decided to actually go ahead and get this adorable folding slide for Lex. It was only $25, and I know I’m going to get my money’s worth. Lex loves it. I keep it in the kitchen so rather than crying and pulling on me while I’m cooking, he can play. He’s also discovered he can push it around the kitchen easily, which I think he has just as much fun with.

I really really wanted to get this, too, but it was a little outside my budget. I had one of these when I was a kid and have many fond memories playing in it. This version even has a little moat around it and little turtles you can squirt the water with! How cool is that? I definitely have to get this before the summer’s over.

Lex isn’t real big on swinging yet, but I’m sure he’ll love it very soon. I remember these swings growing up, too, and I think nostalgia’s the main reason I want one. Since we have multiple children, though, a swing set is probably going to be a better choice.

Source: store.imaginechildhood.com via Ashley on Pinterest

This is so simple but so much fun. Lex is ready to start scribbling, and I think butcher’s paper would be perfect for him. Plus, Miss Ophelia is quite the little artist, too. This is definitely on my must buy list. Imagine Childhood is a lovely store with so many things I want to get for the kids. You should really check them out.



I found this great tutorial on how to assemble a toddler-friendly sewing basket. Lex is always really interested in what I’m crafting. He even tried to mimic my sewing when I was assembling Totoro. I think he’s just about ready for one of these.



I’ve already told Vincent that I want to build a play kitchen for Lex’s birthday or Christmas. There are loads of tutorials online, and I know my little guy is going to love to cook with me. Still have a couple of other carpentry projects in mind before I can get to that one, though.

And despite all the lovely toys we have around the house, Lex will inevitably go for the nearest non-toy, preferably the most dangerous one at that. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to all the hours of play in our future. 🙂


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