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Belle Ruffle Gloves

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I saw these gloves on Pinterest and simply had to make them. I went to my stash, found some Caron Simply Soft, and started knitting. They’re the first things I’ve knitted for myself in a long time, and I love them! They make me feel pretty, girly and cool all at the same time.  The author of the pattern, Victoria from VO Knits, calls them Neo-Victorian, and I agree. I’d even call them a bit Steampunk. 🙂

I also got to use some of the vintage buttons I bought while antiquing with my Memaw. I lucked out and got a nice sized box full of all sorts for only $5. Yes, I actually found six matching ones. 🙂 Unfortunately the box of buttons was quite dirty. For all the plastic buttons I just soaked them in soapy water overnight.  However, the ones I used for these gloves are made of mother of pearl and were also pretty cruddy. I used this tutorial to learn how to clean them, but let me recap it for you here.

How to clean mother of pearl buttons

  • First, try removing any dirt with a soft cloth; if any is left, continue with the following steps
  • Add a small amount of mild soap (I used dish soap) to some warm water
  • Using a soft bristled toothbrush, apply the soapy water to the buttons, gently brushing the dirt away. Don’t leave the soapy water on very long (less than a minute) or you’ll see a white film develop.
  • Dry/polish with a soft cloth

It’s really simple, but you can’t soak them like the plastic ones because they’ll lose their shine. I don’t know if you can tell, but mine are also a bit discolored. I just found this tutorial on how to bleach them, but I like the patina. I think it gives them a little more character.

I got these done just in time– the weather is finally starting to cool down. Whenever I show them off, my husband says that I’m ridiculous. To which I reply “Ridiculously awesome!” Don’t you agree?

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