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My First (Tiny) Patchwork Quilt

Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Feature | 2 comments

This week I’ve been focusing on the bedroom of my dollhouse and I decided to make a tiny quilt for the tiny bed. I looked through my stash and found a lovely combination of scraps which I used to make my first ever patchwork quilt. First let me say I’ve been dreading this part. I thought it would be mind-numbingly tedious to sew tiny squares together BY HAND (because it doesn’t make any sense to use a machine for such a tiny area). It was actually not that bad. Instead of pulling the needle all the way in and out with each stitch, I kind of wove the needle through, making several stitches at a time. As a result, it went by rather quickly. I got most of it done during the presidential debate on Wednesday.

Miniature Patchwork Quilt

It’s not perfect, but I was so excited when it was finally done! It’s so little!

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Wee Spooky House Update

Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

So, it’s been a while, but maybe ya’ll remember the wee spooky house I was working on around this time last year? I got a bit burnt out after holiday crafting last year and my little house got set aside for a while. Then I got a bit un-inspired, I suppose, and hadn’t messed with it much since before Christmas. I’ve still been gathering little things that could potentially be used inside and storing up ideas but no real progress had been made.

Then I went to Michael’s and saw all of the Halloween stuff for sale and got excited about my spooky house again. I decided to make the time to work on it and gave myself a deadline of October 15th. Here are some pictures of my progress so far.

photo (12)

I really like the dimension that the moss gives the outside. It could still use a bit of cleaning up, but I really like the direction it’s heading. What do you guys think of the pterodactyl fossil? The hubby says it’s too light-colored and I should paint it darker. I think I will to give it a more authentic look.

photo (16) photo (15)

That little book shelf is now filled with tiny books. I’m not sure that I like the black and white, though. I’ll probably do a little more tweaking this week and hopefully get the study mostly finished.

photo (15) photo (14)

How cute is the little brain in a jar? My friend Amber made that for me in our Science Craft Swap. It’s going to end up behind the book shelf in the study in that little alcove, sort of like a secret room. I think it’d look cool from the outside with some green LED lights incorporated somehow.

Tiny books

To make the miniature books, I used this tutorial. They turned out really awesome and weren’t that hard to make. I will say that I like using decorative paper for the covers better than fabric, especially on the scale I’ve been making them. If I were doing bigger books, I’d also try faux leather. That’ll be a project for another time.

While I was at Michael’s I couldn’t resist using my 50% off coupon to get another little house. This time I got the Gothic one, and I want it to become a Victorian steampunk mansion. I’ve got some ideas percolating already but I will not do anything with it until this spooky house is finally done! Speaking of the Gothic house, check out this interpretation on it. It’s really great work, and it also made me laugh out loud.

I’m so happy to be working on my little house again. I love getting lost in imagining what I want it to look like and then making it become reality. It’s been the best kind of challenge where I’ve found out that I really am capable of making something amazing from scratch. It’s a great confidence boost.

If you want to make your own wee house, go for it! Check out the Craftster thread that got me inspired. All of the ladies there are super supportive and full of ideas. They’ve also listed a lot of links for tutorials and inspiration. I’d love to see what you guys come up with!

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Weekly Inspiration

Posted by on Nov 3, 2011 in Weekly Inspiration | 0 comments

I’ve still been plugging away on my wee house and am pleased to say that it’s almost ready for a wee person to move in! I put it mostly together again last night and it looks fabulous! This week I thought I’d share some things I’d like to make to put in the house.


Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


I think my little house definitely needs a gargoyle or two. I may have to break down and buy one since I have very little sculpting experience.



I imagine that the resident of my house lives in the Victorian era, and, while he is a man of science, he also likes to dabble in the occult. A miniature Ouija board is a must.


Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


I think my little guy definitely needs a specimen collection or two. These little butterflies are great! For only $9.00, I may just have to buy them. The source of this image has some splendid miniatures, many of which I would love to put in my house.



This has always been one of my favorite Dürer prints.  I want to put it in a miniature frame and hang in the second story hallway.


Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


There are also going to be some miniature Tarot cards scattered about in the bedroom, as if the miniature resident were reading his fortune. I found a source for miniature Tarot card images and many, many others thanks to my Craftster friends.



And, of course, since we’re dealing with pseudo-science, why not throw in a phrenology map?

There are so many, many more things I would like to put inside but my wee house is so very, well, wee. Since I’m hooked, I’m sure I’ll have to make another, bigger haunted/spooky/occult house in the future with room for all my little bits and bobbles.

What’s been inspiring you this week?

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Wee Spooky House {update}

Posted by on Oct 28, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

I finally got the chance this past week to make some progress on my wee house. Unfortunately since it’s dark when I leave in the morning and dark when I get home, my photos have terrible lighting. I also used my phone camera for convenience, which resulted in some not-so-great photos. I hope you can still see how awesome my little house is looking, though!

Spooky house front

Here’s the front.  I put it almost completely together to see what I have left to do. There are a few details here and there that still need to be tended to, but I’m very happy with the finish the sponge gave the outside. I think it gives it more dimension. It’s also looking a bit monochromatic, but I like that as well. It makes the brick red of the chimney and other pieces pop a lot more. I also plan on adding some vibrant green moss around the sides and possible on the flat parts of the room.

Here’s the back. The rooms are as follows from left bottom to top right: kitchen/laboratory, parlor, study, attic bedroom. Once I get finished with my touch-ups I’ll take a better picture out in the sun so you can see each room a bit better.  The kitchen is cream colored and I haven’t decided for sure what else I’m going to paint on the walls. It’s between stripes, leaves and alchemy symbols or writing.  The parlor is wallpapered in green with darkly stained floors.  The attic has dark blue mulberry paper with gold streaks on the A framed part and antique bronze on the far wall. The photos really don’t do it justice.

Here’s a (poorly lit) close-up of the study. It’s got dark purple carpet and bluish purple “wallpaper.” The niche windows are wallpapered with purple mulberry paper with translucent white mulberry paper on top. On the ceiling I tore small pieces of some newsprint type of paper and plastered it on. I don’t like how it turned out and want to white-wash over it a bit.

Originally I wanted to get this done by Halloween as part of the decoration, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. That’s ok, though!  I decided to make it more generically spooky so it can stay up all year long. It’s my little fantasy goth house. I can’t wait to start moving little furniture in!

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My Newest Obsession

Posted by on Sep 12, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

Don’t you just love that feeling of excitement and wonder you feel when you stumble upon something that you never knew existed and absolutely love? I’m basking in the glow of it right now because I have discovered the world of miniatures!

I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit of a craft snob. I would see things made by people that I thought were really tacky, and it would turn me off to the whole craft. It’s the reason I waited so long to try out crochet and why I’ve always sort of snubbed anything to do with dolls (except Barbie dolls, that is 🙂 ). I have come to realize that I was being a bit close-minded and not seeing each craft’s potential.

Here is the dollhouse that first inspired me.


Isn’t it amazing!? Someday I will do one as fancy as this, but I decided to start with something a bit simpler.  What really got me to take the leap from thinking to doing was this craftalong on Craftster. The creator, Knickertwist, does amazing “wee houses” and other whimsical miniature things. She uses the Creatology kits you can get at Michael’s for cheap and suggested we do the same. I got the “fantasy” dollhouse and am thrilled with it so far.(The link I used for Amazon lists it at $49.99, but it only cost $12.99 at Michael’s.)

Here is the front. I’m loving the light main color with the black accents.

This is the back. As you can see, there are four rooms including the attic.

And here is a good view of the porch and terrace. Isn’t she lovely?

Thanks to my fellow Craftsters, I have discovered a myriad of resources for both tutorials and ready-made pieces. I have been having a field day on Pinterest. Check out my board! I’m doing a sort of spooky, sort of Victorian style house. You can read my house’s back story on my board description.

There are so many times that I find a new craft and love it for a little while, but then my passion fizzles out.  With this one, I’ve been going strong for the last two weeks and have been overflowing with ideas. I can’t wait to start on the interior and start molding things with polymer clay. The possibilities are endless!

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