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Learning How to Be an Adult

Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Blog | 2 comments

I think I’ve said before how I feel like I’m just now, in my mid-twenties, feeling all grown up. And I think what really triggered it was becoming a mother. When you become a mother, you have to put someone else’s needs in front of your own. Although I was technically an adult before, I still had selfish childish tendencies. I was still a bit of a slob and didn’t think about how what I did effected others as much. I’m sure my husband would agree. 😛

Now that I have a little person looking to me to take care of him and to teach him about the world, I feel like I’ve really got to get myself together. It’s part of the reason I was inspired to get my weight under control. It’s also why it’s becoming more and more important to me to have a tidy, nice-looking home. I really want to set a good example for him and to teach him what I’ve learned.

Growing up, my parents definitely emphasized picking up after yourself and not letting the house become a total disaster. However, because both of them worked full time, often times with different schedules, most of the housework seemed to take place on the weekends. Every Saturday, we’d all clean the house from top to bottom. And it would look lovely all day Sunday. But then the week began again and we’d quickly mess everything up again. I know this had to drive my mom crazy. We all took turns doing the dishes, but that doesn’t mean they got done every day. Us girls especially would wait until we absolutely had to finally do the dishes and gripe about it the whole time.

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