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So, I’m kind of afraid to say this out loud, but I really want to make a quilt. I have wanted to make one for a long time. In fact, it’s on my bucket list (dorky, I know).Thinking about actually starting it–actually buying the fabric and everything–is scary.

I guess I see it as a really big undertaking, but I suppose it doesn’t really have to be. And now since I have a baby, it’s a perfect opportunity to try my hand with a baby quilt. I poked around the Internet a little and found a couple of patterns that might work. Nothing too fancy–I just want a basic patchwork quilt for him, really. Here’s what I found:

Rail Fence Quilt. The colors on this example are a bit too hokey (and girly) for me, but I like that it is a simple pattern.  It also looks kind of like chevrons, which are really in right now.

I love everything over at Red Pepper Quilts, especially the Alice pattern.

I keep seeing Oh, Fransson! mentioned whenever I read about modern quilting, and her stuff is just lovely. I also stumbled across the Modern Quilting Guild site and I love all the inspiration there. If I get into quilting, I would love to start a guild here in Central Arkansas.

I also really like the Family Picnic Blanket by Erin at Decor Allure. It would be an easy first project and I would get a nice big quilt out of it.

I may just go for a simple patchwork quilt of simply different squares of fabric.

My memaw gave me this great vintage quilt top that is hand sewn. I want to finish it up and make it into a real quilt. I haven’t decided on how to affix the top to the backing. I’m thinking about securing it with vintage buttons.

Most likely I’ll finish this quilt and then start on one of my own. Who knows, though. As much as I hate sewing granny squares together, I’m not sure if I’ll really enjoy it. We’ll just have to see.


  1. >You should check out Elinor Burn's _Quilt in a Day_ series. They have simple instructions and go together quickly (although not always in a single day).

    I don't know how well it would work to tie a quilt with buttons. Those could end up being uncomfortable if you wrap it around you.

  2. >My mom made my baby quilt and she added little yarn adornments along the squares. They are soft and fun to play with… I mean "were" fun to play with… yes, WERE. :>

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