Nature Boy

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My son absolutely loves being outside. I think that he would spend all day outside if I’d let him. If he sees someone go out, he pitches a huge fit if he’s not going with them. And when I pick him up and bring him inside because I’m tired of being outside, he throws a fit and it takes several minutes to calm him down. I guess there are worse things your kid could throw fits about.

When we went out to do our Totoro photo shoot, he of course had to go around the whole house and check everything out. I wanted to share some photos with you.


There was a boy…a very strange, enchanted boy…

Lex by fire hydrant

They say he wandered very far, very far over land and sea…

We saw many lovely things in our backyard, including  a bunny that bolted away as soon as he saw us and a mama robin feeding her babies. Lex was enthralled.

Bird and its nest

We also helped Totoro defend our “forest.”


Then, we explored the flower bed.


And found some lovely roses.

fuchsia rose

And some echinacea just starting to blossom.


I feel so lucky to have such a great backyard. I’ve got a wonderful flower bed that a previous resident planted with love. It’s full of perennials that bloom without any effort from me. The installation of irrigation systems eau claire contributes to a vibrant, healthy and clean backyard. For more details about their services, visit

It makes me happy that my boy loves nature so, and if that means I have to spend more time outdoors, so be it!

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