Keto- Week 2

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I had an ok week last week. Not great, just ok. I met my goal of working out 4 times a week. On Wednesday, I did a Tabata workout I found on YouTube. On Friday, I went to the Y and did a Body Pump class. On Saturday, I went to the Y and did 25 minutes on a new kind of elliptical machine and then did several of the weight machines. Yesterday, I did a Pilates workout I found on YouTube, which was really hard. So, I slacked off at the beginning of the week but made up for it at the end.

As for my diet, I did pretty well the first few days. I even made a low carb cheesecake (recipe here) to help sate my sweet tooth. But on Friday, I took the kids to Yogurtland and couldn’t resist indulging myself. Then, on Saturday night, the oldest kid made brownies, and I once again succumbed to temptation. I also at a slice of pizza, crust and all, last night. Ugh. I get so mad at myself afterward even though it’s very enjoyable at the time.

I didn’t really stick to tracking my food. I did on the first day, and it was tough to stay within the recommended calories and carbs. I just really, really hate tracking food. It is so tedious to me. It does help me to see how many carbs I can eat, though.

Despite my shortcomings, I did manage to lose a couple of pounds (yay!). Usually my first week back on keto gets me a loss of around 4-5 pounds, but since I had a couple of cheats, the low number isn’t all that surprising. And I pretty consistently lost half an inch on my measurements. Woohoo! Hopefully this week will be better!

Weight: 174 lbs. –> 172 lbs.

Jeans size: 14 –> same

Waist: 37 in. –> 36.5 in.

Hips: 43 in. –> 42.5 in.

Thighs: 25 in. –> 24.5 in.

Bust: 43 in. –> 42.5 in.

Biceps: 12.5 in. –> 12.5 in.

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