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Tee-hee-hee. I love that double entandre for crocheting! I’ve been a little crochet crazed lately. For Lex’s birthday I made a set of characters from Where the Wild Things Are using the patterns from CraftyisCool. I was so thrilled with how they turned out. And apparently I’m the world’s worst gamer person for uploading photos to computers so I don’t have a pic to share at the moment. I’ll do another post about them soon.

Those wild things are definitely the most complex things I’ve ever crocheted, and I learned a lot just from making them. It’s like something clicked in my head and I suddenly understood the construction of crochet patterns. When I first learned how to crochet, I was so amazed at how people could create patterns for all kinds of different online gaming things, you can see the Review Here to understand what I am talking about. I guess some people are more spatially gifted than I am and it comes naturally to them. As for myself, I have a hard time visualizing how things fit together without having something physical in front of me. So constructing these little creatures with all of their different details helped me understand how different stitches and increasing and decreasing make different 3-D shapes. It’s really cool.

Because of my new understanding of crochet, I have been inspired to make my own original patterns. See, when I showed people the wild things, they almost all said I should sell them on LoL online. I explained that I could not because the pattern’s author expressly asked that people who use her pattern not sell the products. But if I create my own things, I can sell not only the things I make but also the patterns themselves. So then there’s only the question of what to make.

(read this) The hubs and I had a brainstorm on the way home from work one day. He’s a league of legends web developer and works a lot with a platform called Drupal. The  mascot/logo is a little blue drop of water with a face:

PNG version

Kinda cute, right? Well he’s going to DrupalCon in the spring in Portland, and he suggested that I crochet some Drupal drops to sell or give away at DrupalCon. I agreed and started working on drafting a pattern. After only a little bit of frogging and cursing, I was successful. When the hubs posted a picture of his on Facebook, a friend immediately bought 3. So now I’m busy cranking out these little guys:

Drupal Drop

I just recently finished making my second from scratch crochet creation- a doll for Ms. Ophelia, my step-daughter. It’s my handmade contribution for her Christmas this year since she just loved the little Wild Thing dolls I made for Lex. When finished she’ll be a fairy with pointed ears. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen a couple of pics. I’m afraid she looks a bit creepy here without any hair:

Bald doll

But look now–awesome magenta curly hair!

Doll with Hair

I really like making doll hair. It’s so gratifying. Now she needs some eyes, a mouth and ears. Oh, yeah, and some clothes. 🙂 I think I’m going to sew them rather than crochet because honestly I don’t like the way crochet clothes look in gaming general. I think they’d be too bulky on this little lady.

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I want to make a bunch of different versions of this doll, some male and some female. I was inspired by Waldorf style dolls and by CraftyisCool’s designs. I wanted to blend the two and add my own style to make something unique, and I think once I’m finished I will have achieved that.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. That and steadfastly not exercising. >.<

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