Dukan Diet {Week 4} & a Taste of Paleo

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Well, it’s my fourth week doing the modified Dukan Diet, and I’m still going strong. Since I’m doing the diet for nursing mothers, I will not be losing weight as quickly as I would if I were doing the standard one. This past week, I lost a pound but then gained it back the next day. At least my weight is staying steady rather than going up. It’s a little discouraging because I was so gung ho about losing weight in the beginning, but I know that this is what’s best for Lex and for me right now.

Now that I’ve been on this diet for almost a month, I kind of forget that I’m on a diet– it’s just the way I eat now. You see all the time in diet success stories that they say “it’s not a diet, it’s a way of life,” and for me it definitely has become a way of life. Even though eventually I will get to eat “normally,” I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the way I was eating before. Before, I didn’t really pay attention to how much junk I was stuffing my face with. Even though I still snack and can eat as much food as I want, I think I eat less than I did before because I can’t just pick up a snack anywhere or go to a drive-thru to pick up dinner or a before dinner snack.

Speaking of snacks, last night at the grocery store, I found it. I just knew that it had to exist but it continued to elude me. But then, there it was, sitting right there among so many other cartons– fat free, sugar free ice cream!!!!!

No Sugar Added  Fat Free Ice Cream  Vanilla

Yes!!! I found it and I bought it and I ate it! I probably ate a little too much, but yay! I’m so excited to have this when temptation strikes. However, the amount of temptation I have to face on a daily basis just got smaller.

If you know my husband, you may know that he is not a fan of diets. He seems to think that they’re all a crock. In fact, I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m nutty for going on a “fad diet” to begin with. He is a man who appreciates good food– like Paula Deen kind of good food.  He doesn’t eat a lot of junk food, but the food he eats is not all that healthy either. That is, until a couple of days ago. Last week, the mister came across this article describing how something called the Paleo Diet works. He noticed that some of his digestive issues were similar to the ones described in the article and thought that there might be something to this gluten free, sugar free way of eating after all. Plus, a friend of his had recently started a 15 day trial of the diet and was feeling great.

So, this weekend, he said goodbye to his favorite gluten and sugar filled foods and started gluten free on Monday. So far he’s hanging in there. I’m glad that he has decided to stick to renewed freedom center los angeles out for a couple of weeks to see what kind of effect the new diet will have on his body, and I dearly hope that his health will improve dramatically.

What does his new diet have to do with me? For me it means even more cooking but less temptation. Now that he can’t have anything with wheat or processed sugary treats, it means that there aren’t any lurking around the house, tempting me to give in. I must confess, though, that I just had to have one of the donuts he bought for his last hurrah weekend. (It kept taunting me with its deliciousness!) But anyway, now we can share meals without him complaining about the lack of carbohydrates or sugary sauces. Then again, now he wants to eat my delicious meats…maybe it’s not so great after all. 🙂


  1. My husband and son are gluten free and have been for about an year and a half. They both feel so much better, although I have to admit it is a bit difficult to plan around sometimes.

    Stuff that gets them through: Udi’s gluten free bread. (Better than the other brands) Corn tortilla chips. Corn tortillas. Indian food. Thai food. Rice.

    There is a lot of label reading. But it gets easier.

    I know absolutely nothing about the paleo diet, though. None of the things I listed may be on that one.

    • We have sort of cheated a little with the Paleo diet because it’s so strict. Vincent just couldn’t stand having no carbs so he eats rice, rice noodles and corn tortilla chips with tacos. As long as he stays away from gluten, he feels lots better.

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