Dukan Diet {Week 17}

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This week has been a pretty good one for me, but I’m a little disappointed with my results. After completing my Attack Phase (only 2 days long this time), I lost 2 pounds, bringing me down to 166. Then over the rest of the week, I dropped another 2 pounds, for a grand total last week of 4 pounds lost. Then this week I got down to 162, which put me 1 pound away from the 30 pound milestone. So I was really eager to get on the scale this morning, thinking I would finally reach that goal, but alas, I gained back a pound. 🙁 You may avail the excellent dental care with Houston Sedation Dentistry.

It definitely gets discouraging when you gain back some weight, and I was trying to figure out why it happened. I have a few different theories.

  1. I ate too many tomatoes when snacking yesterday. Tomatoes are not a restricted food on a PV day, but I did eat quite a few.
  2. The pork I had for dinner had too much salt. It was one of those pre-seasoned pork tenderloins, and was a bit saltier than I would have liked.
  3. I didn’t drink enough water. This is one aspect of the diet I am guilty of forgetting about very often.
  4. My milk is drying up. I finally got Lex weaned completely last week (yay!) and I’m still waiting for my breasts to get back to normal. I’m sure that this is going to have some effect on my weight loss what with all the hormone fluctuations and whatnot. Plus, I no longer need those extra 300 calories that lactating women need every day.
  5. I added too much cocoa powder to my chocolate pudding. Dr. Dukan recommends only 1 teaspoon per day because it contains some fat. I accidentally dumped a little too much.

Today’s a PP day, and I’m drinking lots of water. This morning the giant tender lump in my right breast (the one most engorged from weaning) has disappeared, so I’m taking that as a sign that my body has gotten the signal to stop producing milk. Maybe I gained weight because it had to reabsorb the milk that was already there? I’m not really sure how these things work; I’m just glad that it’s going away.

It’s hard to predict how you’ll lose weight on this diet. You can go up a pound one day and then lose 3 lbs the next day. It’s kind of weird.

My mom unfortunately plateaued really quickly after her Attack Phase and was stuck for 2 weeks. She decided to get some Super Dieter’s Tea, and it finally jump started her weight loss. Now she’s lost 10 lbs! I’d seen the slimming tea for sale on the Dukan Diet website but was skeptical. Since she had good results, though, I decided to get some, too. We didn’t actually get the Dukan brand, but the Laci le Beau brand. An unfortunate side effect of eating so much protein can be constipation, and this tea can also help relieve that. For that reason, you shouldn’t take it all the time (the label says maximum 10 consecutive days). I only took it one day, but the day after, I did lose 2 lbs. I plan on using it probably once a week or so to keep things moving along.

This week I’ve also focused on trying new recipes to keep things from getting too bland and boring. For dinner last night, I dusted off the charcoal grill and made some pork kabobs. They were inspired by a recipe in my Jamie Oliver cookbook, Jamie’s Food Revolution. All I did was cut up a pre-seasoned (garlic and herb flavor) pork tenderloin into bite-sized pieces, cut up some onion and zucchini and put all of it on some bamboo skewers along with some whole white mushrooms. Put it on the grill for about 30 minutes, and voila! Very simple and yummy food.

For dessert, I tried the Dukan chocolate pudding for the first time, and let me tell you, it’s a vast improvement from the way I was trying to do it before. I used to add some cocoa powder and stevia to plain non-fat Greek yogurt. It was ok, but not the best Dukan thing I’d tried. When I was browsing the free recipes on their website, I saw the one for chocolate pudding and they added skim milk. Genius! It gave the cocoa powder more liquid to dissolve into and gave it a much better texture. Here’s the recipe:

Dukan Chocolate Pudding

1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt

1/3 cup skim milk

1 teaspoon cocoa powder

Stevia to taste

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, and enjoy!

This is going into the regular dessert rotation now. My next experiment will be a Dukan cheesecake, and for dinner tonight it’s Spanish style grilled steak- yum!


Starting weight: 191 lbs, January 1, 2012

Current weight: 163 lbs, April 24, 2012

Goal weight: 139 lbs by July 14, 2012

28 pounds down, 24 pounds to go– over halfway there!!!

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