Weekly Inspiration

Weekly Inspiration

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Every year I’m astonished at how quickly and fully the earth springs back to life after Winter. First you see a few buds here and there. Then the daffodils start to bloom. By the time they’ve wilted, the rest of the plants come bursting out of the ground, and before you know it, your front yard is two feet high with tons of wildflowers. On the drive to work this morning I was admiring the bright green of the leaves on the trees. Are they always that bright or is that just a new leaf kind of bright?

Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons, which is why even though I’m not religious, I still enjoy celebrating Easter. I like to think of it as celebrating Spring and the new life that comes along with it. The symbols of Easter, eggs and rabbits, were chosen for that reason. Since Easter is fast approaching, here are some cute ideas from my Pinterest board.



I still haven’t decided on an Easter basket for Lex, but this one is definitely at the top of my list. I love the rustic look of the torn fabric strips.



There are so many ways to dye Easter eggs! This one uses natural dyes, and I prefer the resulting earthy tones to the typical pastels of Easter.



I love this fun little garland made by using a paper mache technique with embroidery floss rather than paper. I think the kids would love doing it, too.



For a fun spin on the Easter egg hunt, why not try a glow-in-the-dark version? I think the older kids would especially enjoy this.



I like to think of these as homemade Kinder eggs. This recipe comes from my new favorite blogger, Kristan at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. She’s a fellow Arkansan, she’s hilarious and she makes the most amazing desserts. If I were to make these, I’d probably fill them with peanut butter because I’ve been craving chocolate and peanut butter like crazy lately.



How cute is this little guy? I think he’s going to be Lex’s Easter bunny next year.

I hope these few things have inspired you to get in the Easter mood if you haven’t already. I can’t wait to do some decorating with the kids this weekend!

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Weekly Inspiration

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I think I’ve mentioned before that I used to be a bit of a craft snob. To me some crafts (like decoupage and knitting) were cool, while others (like crochet and dollhouses) were something that weird older women liked to do. Yeah, in my head I can be kind of horrible.  Now that I have spent more time on the Internet and places like Craftster, I know that all crafts can be cool– you just have to make cool things with them. Instead of frilly flowery dolls in Rococo style houses, you can make a castle or a witch’s house. Instead of crocheting lacy doilies, you can crochet a miniature Boba Fett.

When I discovered that crochet can be just as cool as knitting (if not cooler), I taught myself to crochet. Now I often times prefer it to knitting. It’s so much faster and has a ton of versatility. Last week I got lost in Ravelry for a few hours looking at all the gloriously geeky crochet patterns on there. Here are some of my favorites.

If you’re a Whovian, then you know what this is– an adipose! Ever since I first laid eyes on those little critters I’ve thought that they were adorable. I was so excited when I saw this pattern that I almost squealed out loud at work.

To-to-ro! To-to-ro! Yes! Patterns for both the blue and the white totoros are available for free. I’m about 85% done with the blue one already. I can’t wait to show you guys!

This is another pattern by Lucy Ravenscar, the same lady who wrote the ones for the totoros. All of her stuff is really adorable. This guy is called a fierce dragon, and I think he’s going to be my next crochet project.

I love swirls and so I love this pattern. I started a block with dark purple and cream, and I’m really loving how it has turned out so far. As I’ve had more experience with knit and crochet, I get bored easily by simple projects like scarves and beanies. This one is a fun challenge because you have to keep close tabs on which stitch you’re on.

How fun is this little crown? It was designed as a prop for newborn photos, and I really wish I’d seen it when Lex was itty bitty. I still think it’s a great prop for dress-up, though, and it’s gender neutral.

Here’s another geeky pattern– cuddly Cthulhu! Cthulhu is a character from a short story by H. P. Lovecraft, and something about him has fascinated sci-fi and fantasy fans like me. I love this little cuddly version of him.

All of the patterns above are free! If you’re a crocheter or knitter and have not perused Ravelry yet, I highly recommend it. There are so many patterns on there, some for free and others for sale. And if you don’t know how to crochet but want to learn, there are all kinds of free resources online that will teach you how. It may seem intimidating at first, but it’s really very simple. Most of these patterns only use one or two types of stitches. The rest is increasing and decreasing which is really easy with crochet. I’d be more than happy to help you learn! Just leave a comment and we can figure something out. Happy hooking!


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Weekly Inspiration

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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I thought it would be appropriate since I’ve been feeling inspired this week. I got a little burnt out after all the holiday crafting, but now I’m ready for a new project. It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally determined to finish Lex’s room. For some reason when I was pregnant, I didn’t really nest a lot, and I blame that for his room not getting done before he was born. Plus we were broke. And I had a soul-sucking job which caused me to be constantly tired. And I was pregnant. Anyway, now that Lex can sort of entertain himself for short periods of time, I have hope again that I can finally get it done!

So, I’ve been dreaming up a storm and have a vision of what it’s going to look like.

First and foremost, I was dying to get some cubbies like this for Lex’s room. I don’t have a dresser for his room, but there are built-in drawers. I thought a cubbie unit would be great because it can be bookshelves or, if you add some baskets, it can also hold clothing. Thanks to Ana White, woodworking goddess, I am going to build them myself. These exact cubbies:

On Saturday I went and got my supplies and have already started cutting, with help from my talented husband. (He’s making sure I don’t cut my hands off.) I’m a little worried about how it’s going to turn out but I’m also very excited to actually be building something with real wood from scratch.

Above the cubbies I want to hang some art and photos on the wall in a sort of montage. Along those  lines, here are some things I’ve seen around and may want to replicate:



Source: craftster.org via Ashley on Pinterest


I want to get some of those paper machê letters from Hobby Lobby, cover them with moss and use them to spell “LEX”


The next big thing I’ve been wanting to get for Lex’s room is a big comfy chair. At first I wanted a rocker, but Lex doesn’t need to be rocked to fall asleep. Then I wanted an oversized armchair, but then I thought of a papasan chair. I have always wanted one of these chairs but was afraid it would get torn up. When I found one on Craigslist for $30, though, I couldn’t pass it up. It’s from Pier1, and the cushion is micro suede ochre. Here’s a photo from Pier1’s website:

Papasan Chair & Frame - Brown

The reason mine was so cheap is that part of the bowl is a little broken. I’m planning on using some sugru to patch it. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

When I went to visit my mom last spring, we went to the IKEA in Tampa, and I got this fabulous leaf canopy for Lex.

LÖVA Bed canopy IKEA Can be mounted on the wall above a bed, an armchair etc. Filters the light, creates an atmosphere without blacking out.

Originally I was planning on just putting it over his crib, but now I’m thinking it would be great to use as a cover for a reading nook. Then there’s this idea for a giant leaf planetarium:


Giant Leaf Planetarium

I love the idea of twinkling stars above Lex as he falls asleep. Plus his daddy has been messing around with arduino lately, and I’m sure he could make this happen.

At Lex’s daycare in each room they have something called a “cozy corner” with pillows and stuffed animals. I really want to have something like that in his room, too, where he can snuggle up and look through books. I really love these:




He’s probably too little for the little canopy just yet (in that he would probably just tear it down all the time), but eventually it would be lovely.

Here’s where I’m a little stuck. Remember these great shelves that came with the house?

What should I put on those shelves? It would need to be items that are only decorative. I’m working toward a double theme of dinosaurs/nature and astronomy/space, but I don’t want to get too matchy with everything. I got a little T-Rex 3-D puzzle and I think I’m going to copy my talented sister’s idea and do it up like this:

So he’ll go up there once finished. But what else?

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Weekly Inspiration

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I’ve still been plugging away on my wee house and am pleased to say that it’s almost ready for a wee person to move in! I put it mostly together again last night and it looks fabulous! This week I thought I’d share some things I’d like to make to put in the house.


Source: etsy.com via Ashley on Pinterest


I think my little house definitely needs a gargoyle or two. I may have to break down and buy one since I have very little sculpting experience.



I imagine that the resident of my house lives in the Victorian era, and, while he is a man of science, he also likes to dabble in the occult. A miniature Ouija board is a must.


Source: etsy.com via Ashley on Pinterest


I think my little guy definitely needs a specimen collection or two. These little butterflies are great! For only $9.00, I may just have to buy them. The source of this image has some splendid miniatures, many of which I would love to put in my house.



This has always been one of my favorite Dürer prints.  I want to put it in a miniature frame and hang in the second story hallway.


Source: etsy.com via Ashley on Pinterest


There are also going to be some miniature Tarot cards scattered about in the bedroom, as if the miniature resident were reading his fortune. I found a source for miniature Tarot card images and many, many others thanks to my Craftster friends.



And, of course, since we’re dealing with pseudo-science, why not throw in a phrenology map?

There are so many, many more things I would like to put inside but my wee house is so very, well, wee. Since I’m hooked, I’m sure I’ll have to make another, bigger haunted/spooky/occult house in the future with room for all my little bits and bobbles.

What’s been inspiring you this week?

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Weekly Inspiration

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So, how do you like my new digs? My sweet husband set up this lovely WordPress blog for me.  There may be some more changes in the future, but I’m pleased with it so far.

This past week has been full of sewing, yard work and sculpting. Tomorrow’s the big day– the anniversary celebration! I can’t wait to see it all put together and take lots of pictures to show you. 🙂

In the mean time, here are some of my favorite pins for the week.


 Source: voknits.com via Ashley on Pinterest

I found this pattern for some lovely Victorian inspired arm warmers. This is going to be my next knitting project!


                                                                Source: youtube.com via Ashley on Pinterest


I found this great instructional video for an awesome hairdo that my friend is going to do for tomorrow.


                                             Source: kojodesigns.blogspot.com via Ashley on Pinterest


I have a whole board of things that I want to do in Lex’s room, and this project’s at the top of my list.  I even found a local place to get free pallet! I think this is going to be the perfect little thing for a neglected corner in his room. The other kids will also be able to enjoy it.


                                              Source: cornerhouseblog.com via Ashley on Pinterest


I love this so much. I want to paint some canvases with sayings like this for Lex’s room.


                                              Source: joliesmomesfactory.blogspot.com via Ashley on Pinterest


I like this little felt cloud for Lex’s room as well. I’ve already done another project with felt and was thinking about doing something else with a cloud motif.  I may like this one a little better. Hmmm….

I can’t wait until this weekend is over so I can move on to some Halloween crafts! Wait until you see what our family costume is!


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Weekly Inspiration

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>I promise I’m going to have a real post soon. I’m up to my elbows in faux wedding projects for the moment. But to let you know I’m still here and thinking of you, here are some of my favorite pins this week.

If only I’d seen this sooner! I would love to have this for my faux wedding, but I don’t think there will be time to do it.

I think I just found a use for those fake leaves and LED tea lights from the dollar store.

I found the perfect river rocks for this at the dollar store. Simple and sweet.

Guess what else I found at the dollar store– moss rocks! I got four packages and I love them. I may have to keep them out year round.

Source: flickr.com via Ashley on Pinterest

I’ve also been busy making bunting. Not hearts, just the regular triangles but in similar types of paper.

Soon I will share some progress pics with you! Now, back to work!

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