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Dukan Diet {Week 30}

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I never thought I would say this, but I actually like exercising now. Just a couple months ago I was talking about how I didn’t want to give up any more of my time to exercise, but now I miss it if I can’t do it. It’s totally weird. But I know why: roller derby. For the first time ever I’ve found a sport that I’m excited about. I’m not just doing it because everyone else is or because it’ll look good on my college application (like in high school). It’s a sport that’s unusual, quirky and fun. It’s also hardcore, and it’s going to take a lot of work and dedication for me to get good at it. But I’m ok with that.

In itself, roller derby is a good form of exercise. You have to constantly balance, which works your core, not to mention you’re moving your legs all the time so you get a good cardio workout as well. After practice on Sunday, I was dripping sweat! Then there are other “off skates” exercises you can do which will also help you in skating, like running and yoga.

As you know from my last diet post, I decided to start the Couch to 5K program to get my butt into shape. It’s been going pretty well so far. It’s not too hard but I feel like I’m doing a lot of work by the time it’s over. It kind of sucks that even though I run at night it’s still in the late 80s or 90s temperature-wise and humid as all get out. I think committing to running the One Step 5K in October has helped me to stick with it. It makes me feel like it really does matter if I don’t complete the program because then I won’t be able to run in the race.

Since I’ve been running and skating, I’ve noticed some changes in my body. I’m getting more muscle tone in my legs, and the cellulite I had on the insides of my knees is gone! My belly is also slowly shrinking, which is really awesome because it’s always been a problem area. My saddlebags are smoothing out. Even my hips/love handles are starting to slowly dissolve. All of this makes me really, really happy. I’m starting to have a figure that I can live with again.

I found the Techwitty Dev and I’d been tracking my measurements on since day one of my diet the other day. I decided to measure myself again, and I was amazed. I’ve lost 6 inches from my waist and 4 inches from my hips. I’ve also lost 1 inch from both my arms and my neck. My thighs are 2 inches smaller. When I started this diet, I wore a size 16 and now I wear a size 12. And when I weighed myself this morning, the scale said 150. That means I’ve lost 41 pounds! *pats self on back*

That means, I’ve only got 11 more pounds to go! Woo hoo!

Another cool thing I discovered this week is Oopsie Rolls. They’re an amazing invention made out of eggs and cream cheese–no starch whatsoever-and it’s fluffy. It doesn’t really taste like bread but it does kind of look like it. It makes a great substitute hamburger bun. Here’s a picture of mine fresh out of the oven:

Oopsie Rolls

If you leave them in a plastic bag overnight, they get really soft like white bread, too. Now to make a sweet version…

Starting weight: 191

Current weight: 150

Goal weight: 139

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Dukan Diet {Week 28}

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Wow, so it’s been 6 weeks since my last diet update. There are a couple of reasons for that. One, I took another break from the diet because I was getting into a slump and getting a bit depressed. Two, these posts aren’t very popular. However, I’m going to keep up with it until I reach my True Weight in hopes of helping someone else reach their weight loss goal.

When I last posted, I had given in to temptation and ate some delicious, yet fattening, food. I found it difficult to get fully back on track. Like I said, I was getting really tired of denying myself every day. I did end up gaining back about four pounds during my break. I blame a lot of that on stress eating and fattening cafeteria food while Lex was in the hospital. I noticed that my clothes were not fitting as loosely as before and that I was feeling very bloated all the time.

I also came to realize something about myself while I was on my break. When I don’t restrict what I can eat, then I’m more likely to eat out of boredom. I found myself looking in the pantry trying to find something yummy to eat even if I wasn’t hungry. When I’m on the Dukan, there’s not anything that I’m allowed to eat that I want to eat for pleasure. That sounds pretty sad, but it’s true. I think that’s part of the reason it’s so effective. I’m glad that I was able to learn this about myself now rather than later. I’ve been thinking about this as a temporary thing, but I realize it’s dangerous to think of it that way. If I don’t learn how to eat correctly, then I’ll just gain all the weight back later on. The third phase, Consolidation, is meant to teach you how to eat regular food again. Dr. Dukan says that when you finally reach Stabilization if you find yourself gaining weight again, then you can fall back on the rules in Consolidation to get back on track. I know now that I’ll always have to keep those rules in mind when choosing what to eat in the future.

After Lex was back at home for a couple of weeks, my husband said something surprising to me. He said, “Monday we’ll start up on that Dukan Diet.” Did he just say “we?” Yup! Having him on board was just the kick in the pants I needed to get back on. I must admit, I was a bit dubious that he would stick with it. This is the same man who’s gotten really upset because there wasn’t any starch with his dinner before. But, he’s proven that he really can do anything he sets his mind to. He made it through a 6 day long Attack Phase with almost no problems (that isn’t to say no grumbling). He hasn’t been as diligent as I have about recording his measurements, so it’s hard to say how good his results are so far, but he’s seen that it worked for me so he has faith that it will for him, too.

It’s been a bit easier to stick with the diet this time around because there’s no one constantly eating chocolate in front of me. At the same time, he’s frequently annoyed by the limitations on what he can eat. I know from experience that the first few weeks are difficult so I’m cutting him some slack. I hope that as it becomes a habit, he will be a little less grouchy about it.

As for me, I’ve been doing pretty well with the diet. I’m getting a bit impatient and eager to reach my goal. If I’d stayed with the diet the whole time, then I’d already be at my goal. As it stands, I have about 2 more months left on Cruise before I reach my goal if I don’t cheat anymore. I was able to lose those 4 pounds again and have been staying at 154 for the last few days. I decided that I should step up my exercise as a way to get over this 154 hump, so yesterday I started the Couch to 5K training plan. I ran cross country in high school, so I know that I’m capable of running a 5K, but I also know that I’m really out of shape. The Couch to 5K training shows you how to gradually work up to running a 5K by switching between walking and running at regular intervals. I just got an iPhone 4s (yay!) and there’s an awesome free app that tells me when to walk and when to run. It’s a 9 week program, so my goal is to reach my True Weight by the time I’m finished with the training. I like having both the Cruise Phase and the training ending at the same time.

As extra incentive to complete the Couch to 5K program, I’m signing up for the One Step 5K on October 13 in Little Rock. The proceeds benefit Rush Hour [Traffic] which raises awareness for and fights human trafficking in Arkansas and beyond. Actually running in a 5K race is a bit daunting for me now, but by then I hope running that far will be old hat.

Last night I squeezed into a pair of size 11 skinny jeans(!). They just barely buttoned, so I’ve still got a bit further to go before I can comfortably wear them. But I still feel good about how far I’ve already come. When I started my diet, I wouldn’t have been able to even get them past my thighs! Now I wish I’d taken a better before picture, but at the time, I couldn’t bear looking at myself, let alone taking a picture of it. However, here’s a photo comparison of how I looked right before I started and one I took a couple days ago.


Starting Weight: 191

Current Weight: 154

Goal Weight: 139

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Dukan Diet {Week 22}

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I wish I had awesome news to report this week, but, alas, I succumbed to temptation. No excuses or anything; I was just tired of denying myself all those delicious foods that I love, namely fatty dairy, sugar and carbohydrates. We went out to eat last Thursday and after reading the menu over and over to find something I could eat, I finally decided to splurge and have a celebration meal. No, I’m not in the Consolidation Phase, but I decided that it wouldn’t hurt me all that bad. I had a starter, main course and dessert, and it was wonderful. I felt so satisfied afterwards. I had water to drink,  hadn’t gorged myself and eaten too much, and I tried to minimize the carbs in my main course by having a salad. It really hit the spot, and I didn’t feel guilty about it.

The next two days I compensated with Pure Protein days. And it worked– I didn’t gain any weight. Of course, I didn’t lose any either. On Sunday, I went to my Memaw’s house for dinner because my cousin was visiting from Utah. Since it was a special occasion, Memaw made her famous chicken spaghetti. Oh how I love chicken spaghetti, and I never get to eat it because Vinnie has a bad digestive memory of it. So, even though I’d had my celebration meal on Thursday, I indulged myself again and had some. Yummy! And since I was indulging, I had to have some cake for dessert, too.

Again, I compensated by adhering to a Pure Protein diet otherwise. At this point I was toying around with the idea of going on a break from my diet for a month or so since I was getting discouraged. So I started cheating a little here and there, having a meal cooked with lots of butter on Monday, eating a few bites of Vinnie’s pad thai on Tuesday. Then on Wednesdsay, we had our monthly birthday celebration here at the office, and they always have my favorite dessert–chocolate cheesecake. I’ve been pretty good at avoiding these gatherings but since my will power was somewhat lacking, I decided to have a slice–along with a slice of chocolate cake and a small root beer float. All that was a bit of an overload for me, and I got a little tummy ache. (I tend to see this as a good thing because maybe next time I’ll think twice before gorging on desserts.) Worth it? Meh, probably not. I should’ve just gotten the one slice of cheesecake since it was the most delicious thing anyway.

Yesterday I was quite proud of myself because I made it the whole day without any major cheats (just a bite of lasagna made by a coworker). Today will be a challenge because we are having our monthly gathering here at work, and they always have tasty food there. But I think after the dessert debacle on Wednesday I’ve got my second wind and am ready to keep trucking until I lose these last 15 pounds. *fingers crossed*

Starting Weight: 191 lbs

Goal Weight: 139 lbs

Current Weight: 154 lbs


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Dukan Diet {Week 21}

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Wow, it’s already been 21 weeks!? I can’t believe it. I skipped my entry last week because there wasn’t really anything to report. The diet has become a habit for me again although I must admit that I’ve been wishing it were over already. I have only lost 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks, which is very frustrating. However, I did cheat a little on Mother’s Day so maybe that’s why. Still, I am hoping to overcome this semi-plateau that I’m facing right now.

I have noticed a big difference in the way my clothes fit lately. Old clothes that used to fit snugly are now way too big. I’m quickly running out of clothes to wear, but that’s definitely a good thing! I want to put off buying new clothes until I reach my goal, but that may not be feasible after all.

The weight I’m at right now is about the same as what I weighed when I first met my husband. It’s not a bad weight; being this thin again has been a great boost for my self-esteem. But I’m still determined to get down to my True Weight. Only 15 pounds to go! At 2 pounds a week, that’s about 2 more months. I can handle 2 more months.

I’ve been considering adding a more robust exercise routine to my day in addition to my 20-30 minute lunchtime walks to attempt to speed things up. I’m not sure I can make myself sacrifice any of my precious free time in the evening, though.

I’ve just got to keep pushing through! I like to imagine how confident I will be in my bathing suit this summer; for once I won’t be embarrassed to take the kids swimming. Also i enrolled them at https://www.johnsontrainingonline.co.uk/ for my assurance. I also think about how great it feels to see how big my old clothes are on me or for others to notice that my hard work is paying off. And how after all of this is over, I will be cured of being overweight for life. Ahhhh…yeah, I can handle 2 more months.

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Dukan Diet {Week 19}

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This week has been pretty good. I’m fully back into the swing of things, making eating the right way much much easier. I don’t even THINK about having any sweets or carbs (most of the time, anyway). Unfortunately it’s my time of the month, so weight loss was stagnate for a few days. Then after the first day of my period, I dropped 2 pounds overnight. That puts me on track toward reaching my goal on time. Yippee!

With this whole dieting thing, it’s kind of strange to notice how your body changes. It’s seems like you’re going along, seeing the number on the scale go down, but not noticing a big difference in how you look. Then, one day, you look noticeably thinner. And other people start to notice as well. Now people who don’t see me everyday are always surprised by how much thinner I look, which makes me feel awesome.

I’ve also noticed a big boost in my self-esteem. I’m happy when I look in the mirror rather than depressed. I can fit into jeans that I haven’t worn since 2007. I can see my collar bones and hip bones again (but not in a creepy anorexic way), and my belly is slowly getting flatter.

These days I feel like putting more of an effort into my appearance. It feels like I’ve woken up from some kind of fog that I’ve been in the last few years, and I’m not even at my goal weight yet which makes me even happier.

I went to a kid’s birthday party last weekend (which was filled with temptation– pizza, cheese sticks, cake) and was asked by a couple of people how I was losing the weight. Was I starving all the time? No! Do I have to bring food with me everywhere? Yeah, sort of. Whenever I get people who are really interested, I always hope they’ll decide to do it, too. I know that it can seem extreme to people who haven’t tried it (believe me, I thought so too when I first heard about it), but it’s really not that bad after the first week. Plus, it’s only temporary.

I’ve only ever done one other diet before this one, and that was Body for Life which is very complicated and time-consuming if you ask me. The Dukan is so much easier to follow. My mom, who has done a few diets in her time, said it’s the easiest diet she’s ever been on. By the way, Mom has reached her True Weight and is now on the Consolidation Phase. I am so happy for her! She’s feeling a lot happier with the way she looks as well.

I wanted to share one of my favorite PV dinners with you this week. It’s great to make for dinner when you don’t have a lot of time or just don’t feel like doing a lot of cooking.

Taco Salad

1 pound lean ground beef or ground turkey

1 package reduced sodium Old El Paso Taco Seasoning

Salad mix of your choice (I use hearts of romaine)

1 tomato, diced

Fat-free sour cream

Fat-free cheddar cheese

Salsa (make sure there’s no sugar or any starchy vegetables listed under the ingredients)

Mild taco sauce

Brown the ground beef. Drain. Add the taco seasoning and 2/3 cups of water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 3-4 minutes. Build your salad: lettuce, meat, taco sauce, cheese, salsa, tomatoes and sour cream. Enjoy!

See? Super easy and super tasty. You can add any other Dukan-friendly toppings you want, like bell peppers, jalepenos, etc.  Another thing I love about this recipe is that it’s easily modified for those who aren’t dieting. Add taco shells into the equation along with regular sour cream and cheese, and you’ve got tacos for the whole family. We have tacos at least every other week, especially if the kids are over, and everyone’s happy.

Starting Weight: 191 lbs

Current Weight: 156 lbs (35 pounds lost!)

Goal Weight: 139 lbs (17 pounds to go!)

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Dukan Diet {Week 18}

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This past week was really good. There was a lot of temptation, but I managed to overcome! I had to give up the chance to eat a piece of my Memaw’s famous carrot cake, which hurt a little, but I just kept telling myself, “In less than a year, you’ll be a skinny lady eating that cake!” And that bit of will power paid off. I’m now in the 150s! This morning I weighed 158. 🙂

I think a lot of what keeps me going is that I don’t want to undo what I’ve done so far. That was how I quit smoking, too. I didn’t want all the previous suffering to have been for nothing. Plus, I know that this is only temporary and the faster I get to my goal, the faster I can eat the things I love (in moderation, of course).

I haven’t taken any measurements in a while, but all of my regular work pants are too big now. My jeans are now fitting properly (one pair is getting a bit loose), and today I’m wearing a skirt I haven’t been able to fit in for about 4 years. Now I’m really glad I held onto some of my skinny clothes. 🙂 For the first time in a long time I’m eager to go shopping so that I can see what size I am now. This skirt is a 9, but it’s a little snug still. My goal is to get down to a size 9/10, but maybe I’ll even manage to get to a 7/8 by the end. That would be fantastic, since that’s the size I wore in high school. But I don’t want to be disappointed if I don’t get that small, so I’m sticking with my original goal.

Dr. Dukan emphasizes not making your goals too unrealistic, which is why he has a formula for figuring your True Weight. Mine is 139 lbs, which is probably what I weighed before I went to college and started gaining lots of weight. 139 is not the smallest I’ve ever been. That would be 125. However, since I’ve gotten to a much higher weight and given birth, my goal weight has been adjusted accordingly. Dr. Dukan theorizes that your body has a memory of how much it has weighed in the past, and it will do everything it can to hold onto as much weight as it can. He says that the amount of effort it would take to get down to and maintain the weight you used to be before babies or weight gain would not be worth it. I’m going to trust him since he’s gotten me to lose 33 pounds thus far.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t expect to get down to the smallest I’ve ever been. It’s just not practical. But I know that I’ll be much more comfortable in my own skin once I reach my goal of 139.

Starting Weight: 191 lbs

Current Weight: 158 lbs –33 pounds lost so far!

Goal Weight: 139 lbs –19 pounds to go!

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