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West Kingdom Arts & Sciences Tournament Results

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For the past couple of months, I have been working my butt off to get ready to enter four Kingdom A&S competitions at our Kingdom A&S Tournament, which took place yesterday. I have never entered so many in one go, so it was a lot more work than I have done in a while, but it was still a lot of fun because I got to learn a bunch of stuff.

I want to make a separate post for each of my entries to tell you more about them. I use blogs a lot as jumping off points for my own projects, so I hope it will help someone else out there in the future. But for now, I will go ahead and share my scores. The entries are judged by three judges out of 50 possible points and then all three are added up to get a total.

1. Instrumental: Hoboekentanz on Recorder

  • 36 + 33 + 34.5 = 103.5/150

2. Calligraphy: Recreation of a 13th century English quitclaim

  • 31 + 38 + 39 = 108/150

3. Cosmetics: Galenus Cold Cream

  • 45 + 39 + 44 = 128/150

4. Fermented Foods: Brazzatelle of Milk & Sugar

  • 34 + 32 + 45.5 = 111.5/150

I did not win any of the categories, and that’s ok. I totally wasn’t expecting to because I’ve only been doing the SCA for a year and a half, and I only started doing competitions this year (though I did do 1 in my old kingdom). Many of my competitors have been doing SCA for 5, 10, 20+ years, and I am always blown away by the other entries. There are some seriously talented people around here! And usually they are happy to share what they know, which is AWESOME.

The tournament also featured 61 classes(!), and I was able to attend five , which is the most I’ve ever done at one event. My step kids are here for the summer so they kept Lex occupied for the most part. 🙂 I learned about the Elizabethan plaited braid stitch (complicated!), Viking wire weaving, how to plan a period feast, sculpting the human head (yay clay!) and another type of Viking wire weaving used for trim and fabric decoration (also complicated!). Vincent got to go to a few classes as well including shoemaking (where he learned how to make thread and needle using boar bristle), pewter casting and making leather bags. Even Ophelia, the youngest of my step kids, went to some classes including a cooking class or two and to a demonstration of a foot peddle powered lathe. Arts & Sciences are one of my favorite parts of the SCA, so I was very happy to be surrounded by other historical makers this weekend. It was very inspiring. It was also great to get to sit around the fire with our friends and getting to meet new folks from all over the kingdom. The kids got to chase geese, feed ducks, roast marshmallows and run around with other children. It was just a great time for all.

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