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Derby Thursday: Introducing Trixie Mayhem

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The results are in, and the winner is…Trixie Mayhem! I’m really excited that this one won because it’s  actually the first name I came up with. I like it. I like the idea of having a tough and sexy alter-ego, and Trixie Mayhem works great for that. Yay! Now I just have to settle on a number.

Last Sunday’s practice was really great. I got to carpool with one of my teammates, Slameron Diaz, which was awesome. We had a lot of fresh meat in attendance so the coach decided to make it a fresh meat focused practice. This was my first practice with the coach, Dilliverence, (she wasn’t at the first one I went to), and I like her a lot. She’s very engaging, encouraging and funny. That’s one thing that I love about roller derby: everyone is super supportive and helpful. They tell you what you’re doing wrong but in a helpful kind of way.

We worked on basic skills like one knee falls and proper skating form. We also worked on rock star falls (where you fall on both knees and slide forward like a rock star) which always kick my butt. I don’t know what it is but I have a lot of trouble getting the form correct. More often than not I fall on both knees simultaneously, which is quite painful even through knee pads. You’re supposed to fall on one knee and then the other but it happens so quickly that it looks like both at the same time. I can’t quite get the timing down. So, yeah, I got a nice bruise at the top of my left shin. It’s healing quite nicely, though.

We also worked on our T-stops, which I’ve had trouble with in the past. We figured out that I was not getting down low enough and once I started getting in proper derby stance, my T-stop improved significantly. It could still use some work but it’s much better than it was.

At the end of practice we started learning how to skate backwards. Let me tell you, I was dreading this. I mean, I just got used to skating forwards and now they want me to skate backwards? Some girls seemed to take to it pretty naturally. I was not one of them. I could not do it without someone holding my hands in the front for stability. As much as I hate doing things that I’m not very good at, there was nothing to do but try it and then try it again. I know it’s just something I’ll have to work on and will get it eventually. The only good thing about learning how to skate backwards is that when I fall, I’m more likely to fall forward on my pads rather than backwards on my butt. Although I did manage to fall on my butt once while doing it.

Last Friday I ordered some outdoor wheels for my skates. I was so excited to be able to go outside and practice! Then, they arrived and I discovered, much to my dismay, that the wheels came in a 4-pack, not an 8-pack. Grrr. In my defense, the product description did not say how many wheels came in an order. I assumed it would be 8 because the price was very similar to that on another site which advertised an 8-pack. I sent them back immediately and will be ordering from the other site tomorrow.

In other news, GRITS will now be holding regular Tuesday practices in Conway. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to go to all of them because of Mr. Lex, but I’m happy to have the option of a local practice, too. I’m going to try to get some practice in this weekend before official practice, even if it’s just in the kitchen or on the driveway, which is fairly smooth.

As always, we need more skaters, refs and NSOs. If you think you might like it, come check out a practice. I promise that no one will make fun of you and you can’t be a worse skater than I was starting out. Hit me up if you want to carpool to Cabot on Sundays.

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Weight Watchers {Week 8}

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Woo hoo, we’re at the two month mark, and hopefully not much longer to go! I did lose more weight this week: I’m down to 145! Only 6 pounds until I reach my goal. So close! I am happy about losing weight but I’m annoyed that it’s coming off so slowly. I hope that my new weight loss project, Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, will give me a boost. I plan on starting it tonight. Wish me luck!

Last week I think I did a pretty good job of spreading my points out a bit more evenly. I also didn’t use all of my activity points, so maybe that’s something I need to continue. I splurged a little more than I intended yesterday, but at least it was the beginning of my new week so I still have plenty left.

On Saturday I did my first 5K, the Race for the Cure in Little Rock. Thanks to Lex, I did wake up on time (He’s been getting up at 5:30 semi-regularly lately. Whats up with that?). There were a TON of people there.

photo (20)

Before the race amid a sea of people

I didn’t have as much time before the race as I’d wanted. As a result, I didn’t have time to wait in the stupid long line for the port-a-potties and so had to run on a full bladder. Not ideal. Also not ideal was not being able to get in front of all of the walkers. The vast majority of people walk the Race for the Cure. They had signs set up for a section for >30 minute runners, runners and then walkers. So I get up to the runners section and it’s filled with walkers. WTH? I tried to get up closer to where the actual runners were but it was damn near impossible. So I started the race with a large group of walkers with baby strollers and what not. I was very annoyed. When they started to thin out, I started to run along with a few other people in my situation. I finally got to a place where I could run constantly, and I didn’t stop, even going up hill (which I’m not very used to). One caveat: I stopped after half-way to take off my sweatshirt and drink some water, but I walked and it was only for 1 minute tops.

photo (21)

After the race, covered in swag

When I crossed the finish line, the timer said 39 minutes and something seconds. I don’t consider it very accurate since I didn’t actually get to run from the get-go, but oh well. Next year’s time will be much better.

Looking back, this was not the best race for a first time 5K. There were too many people in general and then there were people giving things away all along the race, which is fun, but not easy to get when you’re trying to run. I suppose I should have ignored the people handing out stuff, but I like free stuff. I got a really cool bag and more pink Mardis Gras beads than I know what to do with.

I think my next 5K will be one in Conway that a friend recommended, the Faulkner County Day School Racin’ New Year’s Eve 5K. The Faulkner County Day School is a school for developmentally disabled children who cannot attend public schools. If you started the Couch to 5K program today and did it 3 times a week, you’d be done with your training in time to run it! You can do early sign up until 12-3-12. You can also walk to help  out or “sleep walk” where you just get a T-shirt and sleep in. As for me, I reckon I’ll work on improving my time. Last year’s winner had a time of 17:11. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to beat that. I’d be thrilled if I could run it in under 30 minutes.

Starting Weight: 158

Current Weight: 145

Goal Weight: 139

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Derby Thursday

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I have been looking forward to this post all week. I’m so excited to tell you all about my first practice with GRITS! I was a little reluctant to drive all the way to Cabot to go to practice, but I’m really glad that I did. The GRITS girls were just as welcoming as the FCRG were when I first joined. The floor of their rink is smoother/more uniform than the one at the Conway Roller Rink, so it seemed a bit easier to skate on. The team captain, Daisy Fever, asked me if I’d messed around with the trucks on my skates. I told her no and she asked if she could loosen them a little. I agreed and wow, what a difference! It made it much easier to turn and do crossovers. I think I’ll have her loosen them a little more next time.

GRITS does their roster and fresh meat practice at the same time, which I think is really good. When I went with the other fresh meat girls, I was amazed to see that they were already practicing tomahawk stops! Tomahawk stops are when you quickly spin around, briefly glide backward and then stop using your toe stops. I was under the impression that that was a pretty advanced thing to learn but it seems standard for GRITS. The roster skaters were doing drills where they would sprint and then do tomahawk stops, squealing their toe stops and burning rubber. If you watch WFTDA bouts, you do see it frequently so I know it’s a good move to have in your repertoire.

Seeing how much their fresh meat could do made me feel a bit behind and realize how much harder I need to practice. I mean, at the FCRG practices I feel like most of the time we were taking it pretty easy. The GRITS girls get right down to brass tacks and really challenge you to learn something new. Don’t get me wrong, the FCRGs did teach me A LOT. I just feel like the practices were a little more casual.

So, yeah, I was a bit out of my comfort zone during the whole practice, but that’s good. That’s how you learn. I’ve become more inspired, more motivated to learn those tricky moves. I want to pass my MSTs! I want to be a real roller girl!

Speaking of which, on the GRITS team, you can have a derby name before you pass your MSTs, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want mine to be. I’m the most indecisive person EVER when it comes to picking out names. I hate having to find a name for a video game character or email address. So speaking of email, retreats for legal marketing services using email isios trendy nowadays, just like SEO.

YES! SEO is not dead, it is still very alive. If you are not convinced, search for HitTail vs Wordtracker. Anyways, click right here to learn more because I’m going to let you help me decide! I’ve come up with a few different names, and I want to see what y’all think. So, I created this little poll so you can vote! Whichever name gets the most votes is the one I’ll go with. Please, share with anyone you want; the more input, the better!

 Thanks for voting! And if you want more derby, GRITS’s Breakneck Brawlers are facing off with the Tulsa Derby Brigade this Saturday at the UALR Fieldhouse starting at 5:00 pm. It’s only $8.00 to get in or $6.00 with a military or student discount.

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Wee Spooky House {Update}

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It’s that time of year again…Halloween! I’ve been hard at work getting this house finished…or at least finished enough for now.

I set myself a deadline of October 15th to get done, and obviously that hasn’t happened. But I’m still getting closer! Here are some detail/teaser shots.

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Weight Watchers {Week 7}

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It’s hard to believe I’m on Week 7 of this program; it doesn’t feel like much of a diet, especially compared to the Dukan. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there have been (quite a few) times when I wished I didn’t have to worry about what I eat, wishing I could just raid the pantry like I used to and eat whatever looked yummy, but that’s how I got to be more than 50 pounds overweight. I did really well this week until Friday and Sautrday. On Friday I ate out twice, but I made careful choices. Then on Saturday, I let loose a little too much and ate pretty freely. Half a sugar cookie, mini cake donuts, samples galore from Sam’s club, then Sam’s club pizza for lunch, hot dog and hamburger pattie for dinner followed by birthday cake and ice cream. Yeah, it sounds like a lot but I did have enough points, just barely. Believe me when I say I could’ve eaten a lot more at the birthday party.

So it should come as no surprise that on Sunday when I weighed in, I still weighed 147. However, when I weighed in this morning, I weighed 146. I say it still counts! I think that in the future, I’m going to spread out my extra points a bit more evenly so that I don’t  have another binge weekend. Those just get me used to eating high calorie foods and it’s harder to get back to my low cal, smaller portioned foods.

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