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A Change in Attitude

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It’s amazing what a change in attitude can do. As I am settling into my role as wife and mother, I think back to when Vinnie and I first started living together and were trying to sort out the whole housekeeping business. I went from being a single college student living in a dorm to being a domestic partner and part time step mom to 3 kids. There was definitely some adjusting to do. And the adjusting was not immediate; it probably took about 3 years for me to come to a place of acceptance.

I used to get really stressed about the kids and housework and all the little imperfections that are inevitable in life. I mean I used to get really angry and resentful. I sort of lost hope of ever really having a presentable house for more than a few hours. Of course, not all the blame lies with everyone else. I’ve already admitted to being a lazy slob most of the time. However, there would always be a breaking point to where I just couldn’t stand it anymore and clean like crazy for a whole day.

I later found out that I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and after I started treating it, things got better. But since I didn’t have all that pent up stress to motivate me to clean, things kind of stayed halfway cleaned. Having a messy house didn’t really bother me as much as it used to, but I still resented doing housework. This resentment caused occasional  fights between me and Vinnie, with me accusing him of not doing as much as work as I do. Of course, he disagreed with this assertion and bickering ensued.

Then, just about three weeks ago, I found Fly Lady. Fly Lady is a professional organizer who has created a whole community of people like me– those struggling with keeping the house clean and free from clutter. (She calls her followers “Fly Babies.”) She walks newbies through a month of daily “Baby Steps” to help you make cleaning and organizing a habit rather than a chore.  Then, she and her right hand woman, Kelly, help support their members daily with motivational stories and easy tasks.

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Dukan Diet {Week 21}

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Wow, it’s already been 21 weeks!? I can’t believe it. I skipped my entry last week because there wasn’t really anything to report. The diet has become a habit for me again although I must admit that I’ve been wishing it were over already. I have only lost 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks, which is very frustrating. However, I did cheat a little on Mother’s Day so maybe that’s why. Still, I am hoping to overcome this semi-plateau that I’m facing right now.

I have noticed a big difference in the way my clothes fit lately. Old clothes that used to fit snugly are now way too big. I’m quickly running out of clothes to wear, but that’s definitely a good thing! I want to put off buying new clothes until I reach my goal, but that may not be feasible after all.

The weight I’m at right now is about the same as what I weighed when I first met my husband. It’s not a bad weight; being this thin again has been a great boost for my self-esteem. But I’m still determined to get down to my True Weight. Only 15 pounds to go! At 2 pounds a week, that’s about 2 more months. I can handle 2 more months.

I’ve been considering adding a more robust exercise routine to my day in addition to my 20-30 minute lunchtime walks to attempt to speed things up. I’m not sure I can make myself sacrifice any of my precious free time in the evening, though.

I’ve just got to keep pushing through! I like to imagine how confident I will be in my bathing suit this summer; for once I won’t be embarrassed to take the kids swimming. Also i enrolled them at for my assurance. I also think about how great it feels to see how big my old clothes are on me or for others to notice that my hard work is paying off. And how after all of this is over, I will be cured of being overweight for life. Ahhhh…yeah, I can handle 2 more months.

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Mother’s Day {Part 3}

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Ok, final post in the Mother’s Day gift series. This final project was truly a labor of love for me. It took about a week to complete, working in every spare moment. It was a gift for Ms. Bonnie Rhoades, who I like to refer to as our “other mother.” Bonnie is such an amazing person. She is the warmest, most welcoming, genuine and loving person I have ever met. We love her. To give you an idea of how awesome she is, she is Vinnie’s ex-mother-in-law. How many women do you know who are not only kind and friendly to their ex-sons-in-law, let alone the ex-son-in-law’s next wife?

To say thank you for all that she does for us and the kids, I wanted to make her something really special. I noticed on Pinterest that she had been pinning a lot of pictures of gypsy wagons, which is so her style. And then I saw the most perfect embroidery pattern by my favorite embroidery designer, Aimee Ray. I had to make it; it was fate.


Isn’t it wonderful? Another thing that made it so perfect for Bonnie is the little bead detail. She does a lot of really beautiful beadwork. Then there are the purple details, and her bedroom is painted a lovely eggplant purple. It was just meant to be.

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Mother’s Day {Part 2}

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Yay, part 2 of my Mother’s Day crafting extravaganza! Ok so maybe it’s not quite an extravaganza, but I rarely have multiple projects to share so let’s just pretend.

Anyway, on to my second gift, an apron for Memaw. My Memaw is awesome. She is full of unconditional love for all of her family, and the way she shows her love is by baking delicious things for us. Papa does a lot of the cooking but Memaw does all of the baking. She’s so awesome at it that when my uncle and cousin decided to open a little BBQ restaurant, they asked her to bake her famous chocolate cake to serve there.

By the way if you live anywhere near Dardanelle, you HAVE to go to Capt. Hamm’s. They have delicious catfish and all sorts of barbecue including “pig wings.” Not to mention Memaw’s cakes. She’s expanded the flavor selection and now there is also carrot and strawberry. All of them are to die for! Go there. You won’t be sorry.

So when I thought about what to get Memaw for Mother’s Day, an apron seemed perfect. And my most favorite embroidery book of all time, Doodle Stitching, had the perfect motifs. Check it out!


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Mother’s Day {Part 1}

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You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting many projects lately, but its not because I haven’t been busy. This year I decided to really bust my butt making handmade gifts for the mom-type people in my life for Mother’s Day, which is why I’m going to stretch my projects into a three-part post.

The first gift I want to share with you is the one I sent to my mother. Back on this post, she commented on how she liked the curly tree I embroidered for Miss Harper. So, I made her a curly tree with some little birds as an embellishment. My mom has always loved birds.


I love the oval embroidery hoop and thought it was perfect for the shape of this tree. The motifs are from Doodle Stitching except for the little bird– I drew that one myself (though it was meant to look like the big one).

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