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Wee Spooky House {update}

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I finally got the chance this past week to make some progress on my wee house. Unfortunately since it’s dark when I leave in the morning and dark when I get home, my photos have terrible lighting. I also used my phone camera for convenience, which resulted in some not-so-great photos. I hope you can still see how awesome my little house is looking, though!

Spooky house front

Here’s the front.  I put it almost completely together to see what I have left to do. There are a few details here and there that still need to be tended to, but I’m very happy with the finish the sponge gave the outside. I think it gives it more dimension. It’s also looking a bit monochromatic, but I like that as well. It makes the brick red of the chimney and other pieces pop a lot more. I also plan on adding some vibrant green moss around the sides and possible on the flat parts of the room.

Here’s the back. The rooms are as follows from left bottom to top right: kitchen/laboratory, parlor, study, attic bedroom. Once I get finished with my touch-ups I’ll take a better picture out in the sun so you can see each room a bit better.  The kitchen is cream colored and I haven’t decided for sure what else I’m going to paint on the walls. It’s between stripes, leaves and alchemy symbols or writing.  The parlor is wallpapered in green with darkly stained floors.  The attic has dark blue mulberry paper with gold streaks on the A framed part and antique bronze on the far wall. The photos really don’t do it justice.

Here’s a (poorly lit) close-up of the study. It’s got dark purple carpet and bluish purple “wallpaper.” The niche windows are wallpapered with purple mulberry paper with translucent white mulberry paper on top. On the ceiling I tore small pieces of some newsprint type of paper and plastered it on. I don’t like how it turned out and want to white-wash over it a bit.

Originally I wanted to get this done by Halloween as part of the decoration, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. That’s ok, though!  I decided to make it more generically spooky so it can stay up all year long. It’s my little fantasy goth house. I can’t wait to start moving little furniture in!

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Lex’s First Camping Trip

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I still haven’t processed my anniversary celebration pictures, but I have a good excuse. This past weekend we went CAMPING! Ok, so it was yard camping, but still, we bough our archery items anyway, Click Here For More info on them. It was lots of fun…until around 1:00 am when it started raining. And the tent leaked– not just a little leak but a huge leak. And we had to get all the kids up, gather as much stuff as we could and high tail it home. Yeah, that part sucked. But the rest was very enjoyable. Wanna see? (Click on the picture for a larger image)

There was lots of running and yelling and roasting of various foods. Having a house within sight was very comforting when camping with such little people. It was also a big help when the 10% chance of scattered thundershowers translated to a downpour in the middle of the night. The kids still had a good time through it all. We’ll definitely do it again.

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Weekly Inspiration

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So, how do you like my new digs? My sweet husband set up this lovely WordPress blog for me.  There may be some more changes in the future, but I’m pleased with it so far.

This past week has been full of sewing, yard work and sculpting. Tomorrow’s the big day– the anniversary celebration! I can’t wait to see it all put together and take lots of pictures to show you. 🙂

In the mean time, here are some of my favorite pins for the week.


 Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I found this pattern for some lovely Victorian inspired arm warmers. This is going to be my next knitting project!


                                                                Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


I found this great instructional video for an awesome hairdo that my friend is going to do for tomorrow.


                                             Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


I have a whole board of things that I want to do in Lex’s room, and this project’s at the top of my list.  I even found a local place to get free pallet! I think this is going to be the perfect little thing for a neglected corner in his room. The other kids will also be able to enjoy it.


                                              Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


I love this so much. I want to paint some canvases with sayings like this for Lex’s room.


                                              Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


I like this little felt cloud for Lex’s room as well. I’ve already done another project with felt and was thinking about doing something else with a cloud motif.  I may like this one a little better. Hmmm….

I can’t wait until this weekend is over so I can move on to some Halloween crafts! Wait until you see what our family costume is!


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My Grown-up House {Lex’s Room}

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This is the second post in my series “My Grown-up House.”

The first room I’m making over belongs to my sweet baby Lex. When we first moved in, his room needed the most work. It had a lot of issues but also a lot of potential.

Don’t you just love these windows?
See the icky fake wood paneling?
  Lots of built-in storage, which is great.

See what I mean? Lots of work but lots of potential. I pleaded with my landlord to let me paint over the paneling. Being the awesome guy that he is, he agreed, as long as I painted it the same color as the rest of the house. Enhance the look of your home by adding accessories to your iron door. He even provided the primer and the paint! After several weeks of painting while very pregnant and with help from friends, the kids and the husband, we finally got it done. Ta-da!

And yes, I also repainted the trim and built-ins. It was a big fat pain in the butt but completely necessary. Unfortunately, I made a rookie mistake and bought the cheapest possible paint. It was way too thin and I ended up doing three coats even after priming! And the worst part is that the tape pulled some big chunks off when I was removing it, and you can tell that it’s not going to hold up very well to wear and tear. I may end up having to sand and repaint all the trim again, but I really really hope not.

I saw some beautiful rugs for sale yesterday and I got one for Lex’s room that goes great with the new painted walls. Overall, I think it turned out pretty great. One thing I’ve heard over and over from decorating shows is that paint gives you the biggest bang for your buck. I think this little transformation proves that quite well.

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Weekly Inspiration

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>I promise I’m going to have a real post soon. I’m up to my elbows in faux wedding projects for the moment. But to let you know I’m still here and thinking of you, here are some of my favorite pins this week.

If only I’d seen this sooner! I would love to have this for my faux wedding, but I don’t think there will be time to do it.

I think I just found a use for those fake leaves and LED tea lights from the dollar store.

I found the perfect river rocks for this at the dollar store. Simple and sweet.

Guess what else I found at the dollar store– moss rocks! I got four packages and I love them. I may have to keep them out year round.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I’ve also been busy making bunting. Not hearts, just the regular triangles but in similar types of paper.

Soon I will share some progress pics with you! Now, back to work!

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