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Sorry that it’s been a while since my last post. Just as he was getting over his breathing problems, Lex came down with an ear infection. This has meant many fussy nights and little sleep for Mom. He hasn’t let me get much done in the last couple of weeks, wanting to be held constantly because he has been feeling so bad. Hopefully this will be the last of illness for a while.

I have been able to keep crafting, though! I found this awesome site called WhoopdWhoop. It’s a bartering site where crafty people can trade their creations. You earn currency, called whoops, by posting items for trade, inviting friends, and agreeing to swaps. My Raspberry Beret has been my most popular item. Luckily I can crochet between calls at work, so I’ve been able to turn them out fairly quickly. I’ve already used some of my whoops to get these earrings. And I think next I’m going to snatch up these reusable swiffer pads.

I just sent out my first beret today, and I decided to have some fun with the packaging. I found a tutorial on making waterproof mailer and stitched one up. I embellished a little with some stamps to give it a sort of signature. It was easy, free and looks great. I hope my swap partner enjoys it!

I’m a big fan of swaps in general. You get to make stuff for others and recieve handcrafted items in return– what could be better? I’ve participated in one swap on Craftster. It was really neat. I had to get creative and inventive, and I learned a little along the way.  A friend of mine just organized a sci-fi swap on Facebook. I’m excited to get started on that, too.

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